Joint Local Transport Plan 4 – Adoption as interim JLTP

North Somerset council are proposing the adoption of a revised JLTP4 as an interim Transport Plan in conjunction Bath & North East, Bristol, Gloucester South and North Somerset councils.

The proposal was put to the North Somerset Executive committee yesterday 5/2 and received approval for debate and review at the Full Council meeting to be held on 18/2. Should the Full Council approve the JLTP4 it will then be put to the WofE Joint Committee on 20/3.

The TRAG Steering Group attended the Executive Committee meeting to understand the proposal. It is the intention of the TRAG to input our concerns of any plans to increase traffic volumes through Tickenham Village at the Full Council meeting on 18/2.  

You can view the revised JLTP4 at the Travelwest website:

Although there are some good initiatives to support the Climate Emergency, Public transport and multi-modal transport it is disappointing to see that the link roads from Nailsea and Clevedon to the B3130 are still in the plan

Our initial thoughts and concerns are:

  1. The JLTP4 is based on projected demand from the JSP (which is now defunct)
  2. Traffic analysis/impact was based on the Strategic Development Areas (as part of the JSP) and did not consider existing traffic volumes
  3. Any additional traffic volume through the village will exacerbate safety and environmental concerns

Over the coming days we will review the documentation carefully and prepare our input to the Full Council meeting. If you have any observations that you would like us to include then please get in touch with a TRAG Steering Group member or email