Key notes from draft Local Plan

We have reviewed the documentation pack that was used to gain Executive approval for progression of the draft Local Plan. The following are the key items that we believe will impact Tickenham. You can access the full set of documents at: Agenda for Executive on Wednesday, 2nd February, 2022, 2.30 pm | North Somerset Council (

North Somerset Council is preparing a new local plan with a 15 year plan period 2023-2038. Once adopted it will replace the current development plan which comprises the Core Strategy, Site Allocations Plan and Development Management Policies and which has an end date of 2026. The timeline for consultation and approval of the Local Plan is as set out below:

Consultation on Preferred Options (Consultation Draft)  March/April 2022
Consultation on pre-submission plan November 2022
Submission to Secretary of State January 2023
Examination April 2023
Inspector’s Report October 2023

The draft Local Plan contains Strategic and Development priorities that relate to a wide range of topics including Climate Change, Housing, Transport etc. Please refer to the Local Plan for more information, what we set out below relates only to a small subset of the Plan. You can access the full document here: 

North Somerset Local Plan Preferred Options accessibility checked 

Housing developments

The broad distribution of new dwellings in accordance with the spatial strategy will be as follows. This distribution will be used to identify the housing requirement for neighbourhood plans with the target for specific neighbourhood areas calculated proportionately in relation to the number of existing dwellings.

Location Dwellings
Weston-super-Mare 6,980
Wolvershill (north of Banwell) 2,800
Clevedon     226
Nailsea  1,781
Portishead     572
Yatton     391
Backwell  1,120
Yanley Lane (Woodspring golf course) 2,500
Villages and rural area  1,676
Total 18,064

A map showing the distribution of dwellings across North Somerset can be accessed here: 

North Somerset Overview

The adopted plan will need to make provision for the North Somerset housing requirement of 20,085 dwellings in full. For the Preferred Options a total capacity of 18,064 dwellings has been identified (excluding windfall). The consultation will help inform how this shortfall might be addressed.

A map showing the Nailsea and Backwell housing distribution can be accessed here:

Nailsea and Backwell

The housing allocation for Nailsea and Backwell is made up from the following:

Nailsea: 1,781 new dwellings

Location Number  
Land South of Nailsea 600 Proposed new allocation
Land at North West  Nailsea 450 Carried forward from the Site Allocations Plan
Youngwood Lane 450 Carried forward from the Site Allocations Plan
West of Engine Lane 171 Carried forward from the Site Allocations Plan
Land south of The   Uplands 52 Carried forward from the Site Allocations Plan
Weston College Site, Somerset Square 28 Carried forward from the Site Allocations Plan
Trendlewood Way 24 Carried forward from the Site Allocations Plan
West End 6 Carried forward from the Site Allocations Plan
Total 1,781  

Backwell 1,120 new dwellings

Location Number  
Grove Farm 600 Proposed new  allocation
Land east of Backwell 500 Proposed new  allocation
Land at Moor Lane 20 Carried forward from the Site Allocations Plan
Total 1,120  

Road improvements in the Tickenham area

There are few local road improvements noted with the exception of the following:

  • Strategic measures designed to alleviate traffic impacts on Station Road, and traffic congestion at the Backwell crossroads. This is likely to include a strategic rail crossing providing an alternative multi-modal route between Nailsea and the A370, and associated measures to discourage traffic from using Station Road
  • It is noted that the development North West of Nailsea will require a new road linking Pound Lane and Watery Lane.
  • Remaining measures relate to Active Travel and Public transport as key mitigations to traffic impacts.

TRAG concerns with the draft Local Plan

The initial concerns of the TRAG are as follow. We will continue to review/assess and build on this as we progress to the public consultation in March.

  • The Local Plan does not address traffic growth over the 15 year period nor provide a strategic view of how traffic will be routed through key transport routes in North Somerset.
  • The Local Plan does not address existing traffic issues in villages and rural lanes/roads which will be subject to a 20% proportional increase in traffic through the increased number of homes alone.
  • The Local Plan does not address the additional HGV traffic on rural roads that will be necessary to support the increased population size and improved/expanded town centres.
  • The Local Plan does not address growth in traffic through the planned expansion of Bristol Airport
  • Without significant mitigations, Active Travel policies will decrease road capacity in the villages of North Somerset.

Tickenham Road Action Group