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TRAG Objects to Youngwood Lane housing development

The TRAG has objected to the planning application 20/P/2347/RM  Land North Of Youngwood Lane And East Of Netherton Wood Lane Nailsea. This objection is due to the impact of additional traffic generated from the 450 proposed homes. 

If you want to find out more about this application then please visit Simple Search ( and search for 20/P/2347/RM.  We have copied the  proposed site layout which can be seen in this document:


The text used for the objection is below.

Objection on behalf of the Tickenham Road Action Group

The addition of 450 residences will significantly impact road congestion and safety on the roads leading to and passing through Tickenham including: The Causeway, Church Lane, Washingpound Lane, and Clevedon Road. These roads are not suitable for additional traffic in that they lack the physical capacity and are not currently safe for cycling and pedestrian use.

The traffic analysis as part of the application does not consider impacts on the above roads and is concerned only with the impact on far superior roads within the confines of Nailsea. With 31% of traffic from this development being predicted to use the Causeway (via Hanham Way) and Tickenham the traffic analysis must address the traffic impacts on the above roads and the key junctions of Washingpound Lane and Church Lane with Clevedon Road.

Assumptions used in the Agreed statement on Transport issues does not comply with DfT research guidelines. The analysis by TRAG using DfT guidelines indicates that for 450 houses, the number of vehicles per household = 1.3 x 450 = 580 vehicle journeys and that 66% are deemed as commuters therefore 386 commuter journeys. 31% (am peak) of this traffic will cross the Causeway, therefore from the above 386 x 31% = 115 car journeys. However, Appendix D in this report suggests only 85 journeys.

Local Plan Choices consultation response

The North Somerset Local Plan Choices Consultation is currently active and will close on 14th December.

This consultation asks for views on where an additional 15K of houses should be sited within North Somerset. There are four options for distributing the homes across North Somerset: one option to retain the Green Belt and three options where housing is placed on the Green Belt.

The TRAG have completed the consultation and made the following points:

  • We strongly support the use of brownfield and urban locations for the siting of new housing close to public transport, amenities and jobs. This also helps to protect rural areas.
  • The TRAG has no view on the use of the flood zones for housing development. Other factors such as environmental impact, proximity to transport, amenities and jobs should be the prime criteria.
  • If housing is to be placed on the Green Belt, then this must be a last resort and housing carefully placed to ensure that urban sprawl is strictly confined.
  • The additional homes will exacerbate current traffic issues in Tickenham and other rural villages, therefore transport infrastructure will need to be put in place to support the housing growth.

There is an opportunity to provide an alternative option to the four described. The TRAG have stated that:

  • City centres and major towns that are served through public transport, support employment and provide a range of amenities should be the target of future housing growth.
  • Existing brownfield and re-use of commercial sites should be considered for development of appropriate housing that should include higher density and affordable options.
  • Rural communities and green spaces need to be protected from the sprawl of housing wherever possible

You can view the TRAG consultation response here:

We urge you to participate in the Choices Consultation which closes on December 14th. You can access the consultation here:

Local Plan Challenges and Choices Part 1 Summary

A summary from the above consultation has now been distributed by North Somerset Council and is available at:

Key points of interest to the TRAG that have been stated in the summary include:

  1. Main Issues raised Q1: …(Fear) that existing infrastructure is overwhelmed by new development, and new infrastructure isn’t delivered in tandem with the housing (both social and transport).
  2. Main Issues raised Q1:…(Fear) that development will increase congestion on the roads and necessary transport infrastructure won’t be delivered to mitigate it…
  3. Main Issues raised Q13: Many of the respondents felt that delivery of transport infrastructure should be a key priority. It was felt a comprehensive, clear transport strategy was needed and a number of schemes, proposal or issues were raised including Portishead rail, Park and Ride at Weston, Traffic on the Clevedon Road through Tickenham, better links from Bristol to the airport.
  4. Main Issues, Further Comments: Respondents expressed a lot of concern over existing traffic levels on roads around and through villages especially Tickenham with a call for a new road between Jn20 Clevedon and the airport.

It’s good to see that our concerns have been noted in the consultation.

The summary states that brown field sites should be prioritised and that development should be near work places. However, many of the 56 sites suggested as development sites are in areas that would affect traffic through Tickenham.

We need to continue to contribute to the Local Plan consultation to ensure that our concerns are heard. The next stage of the consultation is the Challenges and Choices Part 2: Choices for the Future. The TRAG will be reviewing the documents and we will copy you all our response in a few weeks ahead of the December 14th close date. You can access the consultation documents here:

Local Plan Challenges Consultation.

As we earlier advised North Somerset Council are creating a new Local Plan.  The Local Plan will guide housing, jobs and business investment, transport, community facilities and supporting infrastructure in the area until 2038.

This first stage of Local Plan consultation focuses on the challenges NSC believe we face in North Somerset and the issues the plan needs to address. The online consultation will run until  Wednesday 2 September 2020 at

TRAG have reviewed the Challenges paper and will respond with the following comments. We urge you to also individually respond to give weight to the issues further development will have on Tickenham Village.

Response to Challenges consultation:

The TRAG is largely in agreement with the Challenges, Vision, Aims and Priorities. We all want to see development linked to the appropriate infrastructure and do not want to see isolated housing communities without the adequate support to promote a greener and more sustainable environment.

The document however does not make reference to current issues within the NSC jurisdiction that are impacting the lives of residents. The Local Plan should be seeking to address these prior to establishing new development areas.

  1. Traffic volumes on minor roads such as the B3130 through Tickenham continue to grow with increased commuting and goods vehicles. These roads have become unsafe for cycling, pedestrian use and provide serious access and pollution issues for Tickenham residents.
  2. The transport infrastructure to support Nailsea is currently inadequate both for public and commercial use – large HGVs are using the minor B roads and often create traffic jams when passing each other. Risks to pedestrians and cyclists of this traffic is considerable and is ‘an accident waiting to happen’.

Further growth in housing and business in Nailsea and the surrounding area will exacerbate these issues. Adequate transport infrastructure needs to be put in place to properly link Nailsea to the M5 (J20) and Bristol before further development – not via the B3130 and Tickenham Village.

NSC New Local Plan

Having withdrawn from the Joint Spatial Plan North Somerset Council are commencing with a new Local Plan.

The Local Plan, which will guide housing, business investment, transport and infrastructure until 2038, will take around three years to produce.

Undoubtedly there will be transport implications and the TRAG will be involved in the consultation.

We also encourage all TRAG subscribers to sign up for news and updates from NSC. You can do this by signing up to the NSC database – see the last paragraph ‘How to get involved’ on this NSC link.

Outcome of North Somerset Council meeting

The TRAG attended the North Somerset Council meeting held on Tuesday 18th February.

Bruce Campbell spoke outlining the concerns that the TRAG had with the interim JLTP4.  This was based on the submission the TRAG made to the Council a week prior (you can view at:

Councillor James Tonkin (Executive Member for Planning & Transport) and Lucy Shomali (Director of Development and Environment) put forward proposed changes to the interim JLTP4 in order to address the concerns raised by TRAG and other action groups. These were:

  • References to new road links removed and major schemes map updated to reflect this
  • References to connections to M5 J19 & 20 amended to refer to Clevedon-Nailsea-Bristol transport corridor improvements
  • Text amended to acknowledge the need to do further work on any requirements for improved transport connections along key corridors

This means that the planned link roads to Tickenham from Nailsea and Clevedon will be removed from the interim JLTP4. There will also be further work done on the strategic Clevedon, Nailsea and Bristol traffic routes. This is what TRAG wanted and we are very pleased to see this outcome.

The Council voted to accept the interim JLTP4 with the above amendments to be made by the Planning Director ahead of being submitted to the West of England Joint Committee on 20/3 for final approval and adoption of the interim JLTP4.

This outcome is the result of ongoing support from the residents of Tickenham. This covers the earlier JLTP4 surveys that a number of residents completed, the TRAG and Tickenham Parish submissions to the JSP/JLTP consultation, press articles and engagement of Councillors and our MP.  

The next step for TRAG will be to make contact with the Planning Director to request involvement in any further work on traffic routes that may impact Tickenham.  We need to continue to be aware of any further developments and be prepared to contribute at an early stage.

If you would like to see the Council meeting in full you can view the meeting on YouTube at: