Local Plan Challenges and Choices Part 1 Summary

A summary from the above consultation has now been distributed by North Somerset Council and is available at:


Key points of interest to the TRAG that have been stated in the summary include:

  1. Main Issues raised Q1: …(Fear) that existing infrastructure is overwhelmed by new development, and new infrastructure isn’t delivered in tandem with the housing (both social and transport).
  2. Main Issues raised Q1:…(Fear) that development will increase congestion on the roads and necessary transport infrastructure won’t be delivered to mitigate it…
  3. Main Issues raised Q13: Many of the respondents felt that delivery of transport infrastructure should be a key priority. It was felt a comprehensive, clear transport strategy was needed and a number of schemes, proposal or issues were raised including Portishead rail, Park and Ride at Weston, Traffic on the Clevedon Road through Tickenham, better links from Bristol to the airport.
  4. Main Issues, Further Comments: Respondents expressed a lot of concern over existing traffic levels on roads around and through villages especially Tickenham with a call for a new road between Jn20 Clevedon and the airport.

It’s good to see that our concerns have been noted in the consultation.

The summary states that brown field sites should be prioritised and that development should be near work places. However, many of the 56 sites suggested as development sites are in areas that would affect traffic through Tickenham.

We need to continue to contribute to the Local Plan consultation to ensure that our concerns are heard. The next stage of the consultation is the Challenges and Choices Part 2: Choices for the Future. The TRAG will be reviewing the documents and we will copy you all our response in a few weeks ahead of the December 14th close date. You can access the consultation documents here:  https://n-somerset-pp.inconsult.uk/consult.ti/NSLPChoices/consultationHome