Local Plan Choices consultation response

The North Somerset Local Plan Choices Consultation is currently active and will close on 14th December.

This consultation asks for views on where an additional 15K of houses should be sited within North Somerset. There are four options for distributing the homes across North Somerset: one option to retain the Green Belt and three options where housing is placed on the Green Belt.

The TRAG have completed the consultation and made the following points:

  • We strongly support the use of brownfield and urban locations for the siting of new housing close to public transport, amenities and jobs. This also helps to protect rural areas.
  • The TRAG has no view on the use of the flood zones for housing development. Other factors such as environmental impact, proximity to transport, amenities and jobs should be the prime criteria.
  • If housing is to be placed on the Green Belt, then this must be a last resort and housing carefully placed to ensure that urban sprawl is strictly confined.
  • The additional homes will exacerbate current traffic issues in Tickenham and other rural villages, therefore transport infrastructure will need to be put in place to support the housing growth.

There is an opportunity to provide an alternative option to the four described. The TRAG have stated that:

  • City centres and major towns that are served through public transport, support employment and provide a range of amenities should be the target of future housing growth.
  • Existing brownfield and re-use of commercial sites should be considered for development of appropriate housing that should include higher density and affordable options.
  • Rural communities and green spaces need to be protected from the sprawl of housing wherever possible

You can view the TRAG consultation response here:

We urge you to participate in the Choices Consultation which closes on December 14th. You can access the consultation here: