Outcome of North Somerset Council meeting

The TRAG attended the North Somerset Council meeting held on Tuesday 18th February.

Bruce Campbell spoke outlining the concerns that the TRAG had with the interim JLTP4.  This was based on the submission the TRAG made to the Council a week prior (you can view at: https://trag.org.uk/trag-submission-to-nsc-meeting-18-2).

Councillor James Tonkin (Executive Member for Planning & Transport) and Lucy Shomali (Director of Development and Environment) put forward proposed changes to the interim JLTP4 in order to address the concerns raised by TRAG and other action groups. These were:

  • References to new road links removed and major schemes map updated to reflect this
  • References to connections to M5 J19 & 20 amended to refer to Clevedon-Nailsea-Bristol transport corridor improvements
  • Text amended to acknowledge the need to do further work on any requirements for improved transport connections along key corridors

This means that the planned link roads to Tickenham from Nailsea and Clevedon will be removed from the interim JLTP4. There will also be further work done on the strategic Clevedon, Nailsea and Bristol traffic routes. This is what TRAG wanted and we are very pleased to see this outcome.

The Council voted to accept the interim JLTP4 with the above amendments to be made by the Planning Director ahead of being submitted to the West of England Joint Committee on 20/3 for final approval and adoption of the interim JLTP4.

This outcome is the result of ongoing support from the residents of Tickenham. This covers the earlier JLTP4 surveys that a number of residents completed, the TRAG and Tickenham Parish submissions to the JSP/JLTP consultation, press articles and engagement of Councillors and our MP.  

The next step for TRAG will be to make contact with the Planning Director to request involvement in any further work on traffic routes that may impact Tickenham.  We need to continue to be aware of any further developments and be prepared to contribute at an early stage.

If you would like to see the Council meeting in full you can view the meeting on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IrpN3Iydfs