Restricted access lanes – TRAG writes to NSC

To help formulate the TRAG response to the proposed Restricted Access Lanes Traffic Order, the TRAG wrote to NSC with a series of questions.

The text of the email is below:

Rob Thomson
Engineering & Design Manager
Place Directorate
North Somerset Council

Copied to: Councillor James Tonkin, Councillor Nigel Ashton

Dear Mr Thomson,

We have received your proposal for a “prohibition of motor vehicles” restriction for review and comment.

The Tickenham Road Action Group is a registered charity that supports the interests of Tickenham residents in matters relating to road scheme changes.

Ahead of making our response we would like some further information if this is available. I note our questions below. Could you please reply within 7 working days in order for us to review and finalise our response to meet your deadline of 30th April.

1) Does this proposal fit within an overall transport plan to ensure:
– Builds towards the future transport infrastructure
– Avoids future change or removal of order
– Avoid wasted costs

2) Has an impact assessment of this proposal been carried out to determine:
– Volume of traffic diverted and to which routes
– Journeys substituted by Active Travel
– Growth in traffic with planned housing developments
– Overall impacts to routes and traffic volumes

3) What are the criteria for choosing the lanes to be included in the Order?

4) Why aren’t Tickenham Lanes (The Causeway, Church Lane, Washingpound Lane) included?
– Tickenham is within the scope of this Order being between Nailsea and Clevedon
– Tickenham Lanes are used as rat runs for access to M5 and Clevedon
– Tickenham Lanes are narrow with blind bends and busy intersections
– Tickenham Lanes are used by cyclists and pedestrians for access to Nailsesa

5) How do Tickenham residents participate in Active Travel with this Order?
– Increased traffic on Clevedon Road (B3130)
– Increased traffic on cycling/pedestrian access to Nailsea (Causeway, Church Lane, Washingpound Lane)
– Increasing Active travel between Tickenham and Nailsea/Backwell would reduce car journeys

We look forward to your response.
Yours sincerely
Bruce Campbell
Tickenham Road Action Group