Rural Lanes, prohibition of motor vehicles (except access)

North Somerset Council have issued a proposed Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) which will close a large number of rural roads and lanes to motorised traffic apart from agricultural vehicles, access and delivery vans. The effected routes are shown in Red in the map  below:

The TRAG will be formulating a response to this Order. We have until April 30th to submit this. On the face of it, the Order looks as though it will result in more traffic being routed through Tickenham without any benefit in ‘Active Travel’. 

The related documents are attached below. Please review these and let us know your thoughts by adding a comment below or emailing

Statement of Reason – Rural Lanes

Rural Lanes – plan

Notice of Intent – Rural Lanes

Draft Order – Rural Lanes prohibition of motor vehicles

One thought on “Rural Lanes, prohibition of motor vehicles (except access)”

  1. This Order will result in increased traffic volumes through Tickenham and, if anything, will reduce Active Travel options for Tickenham residents.

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