TRAG Inaugural Meeting

The TRAG held their Inaugural meeting at 7pm on Friday 15th February at the Tickenham Village hall.

The meeting was well attended by approximately 90 residents.

John Crew provided an overview of the TRAG objectives, achievements to date and the Steering Group structure.

The meeting then elected the following members of the Steering Group:

Bob Beale, Bruce Campbell, John Crew, Dave Ellison, Alan Hooley and Alan Raines.

Bruce Campbell then provided a summary of the planning process and proposed routes. 

The slides used at the meeting can be found here:

TRAG Inaugural meeting 20190214V3

The meeting was then opened for questions and inputs with the following points raised for consideration by the Steering Group:

  1. Why hadn’t  NSC had a greater influence to date in the transport draft – why might they want this to go ahead – e.g. is there pressure/reward from Bristol council as they will ultimately most benefit with improved accessibility to Bristol.
  2. What about challenging NSC on mitigating things as they are now (calming, reduced speed limit etc).
  3. When this B road was approved as a major route as it is now (I forget the term used) what was in the permissions/conditions and stated or predicted vehicle capacity.
  4. Have we researched accident rates over the years – is there a scale prorata to traffic flow such we can thus predicted a worsening rate with even more traffic.
  5. Extent of road safety issues – compile a list of the types and risks that occur.
  6. Any data from speedwatch as to the % of vehicles that speed through the village.
  7. Why not have an average speed camera set up.
  8. Do we have ‘now’ in the Terms of Reference of TRAG.
  9. What is traffic flow NOW and where is it going (up Tick hill or to Nailsea etc). How does current level compare with capacity and saturation point.
  10. Night or working closures on M5 – all traffic routed through village as the default alternative route?
  11. Position of regional firestation in Nailsea – why – was it due to new road plans (at that time) – can we see them?
  12. Monitor pollution (air and noise).
  13. Sub-strata and design of current road not man  enough for traffic as it is.
  14. Backwell and other local RAG – join forces for pressure?
  15. Currently unsafe to walk dogs.
  16. Water and gas mains frequently damaged by heavy traffic – frequency rate?
  17. Can we use Freedom Of Information to gain some of the data we want e.g. road closures, incident and accident rate etc.
  18. Can NSC, likes of TRAG etc influence the housing layouts and plans.
  19. What will / will there ever be, a safe cycling route through Tickenham – now and in the future.
  20. Use technicalities in response to consultation e.g. road width guidelines.
  21. Can the EDF Haul Roads become permanent.

The meeting closed at 8:15pm.