TRAG Objects to Youngwood Lane housing development

The TRAG has objected to the planning application 20/P/2347/RM  Land North Of Youngwood Lane And East Of Netherton Wood Lane Nailsea. This objection is due to the impact of additional traffic generated from the 450 proposed homes. 

If you want to find out more about this application then please visit Simple Search ( and search for 20/P/2347/RM.  We have copied the  proposed site layout which can be seen in this document:


The text used for the objection is below.

Objection on behalf of the Tickenham Road Action Group

The addition of 450 residences will significantly impact road congestion and safety on the roads leading to and passing through Tickenham including: The Causeway, Church Lane, Washingpound Lane, and Clevedon Road. These roads are not suitable for additional traffic in that they lack the physical capacity and are not currently safe for cycling and pedestrian use.

The traffic analysis as part of the application does not consider impacts on the above roads and is concerned only with the impact on far superior roads within the confines of Nailsea. With 31% of traffic from this development being predicted to use the Causeway (via Hanham Way) and Tickenham the traffic analysis must address the traffic impacts on the above roads and the key junctions of Washingpound Lane and Church Lane with Clevedon Road.

Assumptions used in the Agreed statement on Transport issues does not comply with DfT research guidelines. The analysis by TRAG using DfT guidelines indicates that for 450 houses, the number of vehicles per household = 1.3 x 450 = 580 vehicle journeys and that 66% are deemed as commuters therefore 386 commuter journeys. 31% (am peak) of this traffic will cross the Causeway, therefore from the above 386 x 31% = 115 car journeys. However, Appendix D in this report suggests only 85 journeys.